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One-on-One Coaching with Lee Smith

I’ll never do anything as important as raising my daughter. I’ll also never do anything as demanding. For people like us, who want to do it right, every ounce of our mind, body, and spirit are needed to give our kids what they need to be healthy and happy. Without a plan and without support, this responsibility can and often does lead to stress, frustration, worry, confusion, anger, overwhelm, guilt, and shame. Now add in the fact that you’re a single mom and everything gets amplified.

For most single moms, they simply can’t do it all without losing some part of themselves…either their mind, body, or spirit. They still provide for their kids–moms of all colors can sacrifice themselves for their kids with the best of them–but a mom drained of life isn’t the example we want to show our kids. We don’t want to survive this job. We want to love it. But is that even possible?

Now for Some Good News

I wasn’t so sure it could be done. When my ex and I divorced, my world came crashing down. I knew I had to provide for my daughter, but guessing my way forward left me in pieces. I was struggling, hard. Depressed, so tired, so scared. But with the strength of a mama, I decided I couldn’t just accept this. There had to be a better way. I set out to find it.

I dedicated myself to becoming a rock star mom for my daughter and went back to school for a degree in early childhood development. After the results I saw in my own family, I took on a second mission: helping other single moms follow in my footsteps. I went to coach training school and was certified as a parenting coach. Soon I was helping other moms put their lives back together with a plan that turned single momming into an adventure that ended with the happiest of children.

I eventually developed a 12-week program to teach everything I had learned over the past ten years of studying, training, testing, and improving.

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Imagine a Different Tomorrow...

It’s easy to replay the bad moments over and over, the times you lost it, the times you didn’t know what to do or what to say. But try something with me: imagine things going your way. Imagine waking up with confidence in your skills as a parent. Imagine seeing your kids thrive at home and at school. Imagine being the mom you know they deserve and the mom you always hoped you’d be. It’s possible.

Parent with Confidence

Know the right things to think, to say, and to do each and every day

Erase the Overwhelm

Discover how to manage your day in a way that erases stress

Raise Healthy & Happy Kids

Enjoy that one-of-a-kind feeling of knowing you’re a great mom

Ready to Rock?

You don’t have to do this alone. You don’t have to guess your way forward. You can become that rock star mom you dream about, the one who can handle it all with confidence and raise kids she couldn’t be prouder of…all by herself (with a lot of support!).

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